public protocol ViewControllerModellableView: ModellableView, AnyViewControllerModellableView where VM: ViewModelWithState

Extends the ModellableView protocol to add some convenience variables that refers to the ViewController that owns the View. A special case of ModellableView representing the UIView that the ViewController is managing. It’s intended to be used only as the main View of a ViewController.


A ViewControllerModellableView is a ModellableView that a ViewController is managing directly. It differs from a ModellableView only for a couple of computed variables used as syntactic sugar to access navigation items on the navigation bar (if present). A ViewControllerModellableView has also access to the universalSafeAreaInsets. The ViewController that is managing this View is responsible to call ModellableView.setup() and during the setup phase of the ViewController so you don’t need to do that.